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What the Hell, Harry! part 1a

Title: What the Hell, Harry
Fandom: Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Harry Potter slash
Word count: 5800 this part
Warnings: slash, lots of swearing
Disclaimer: Don't own Harry Potter or Supernatural. Shame, that.
Timeline: HP - AU after the last chapter of the 7th book, as in spoilers for the whole series except the Epilogue. Supernatural - spoilers for every episode that has come out, s takes place during season 6. Be aware.
Summary: One night, Dean and Sam stumble over a mini-werewolf and then two strange guys with some wooden sticks in their hands. Chaos ensues, along with fun, fear, friendship and maybe even something more.


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Mlesna is not called the best tea for nothing.

PG-13 | Cobb/Ariadne, slight Eames/Arthur | 3500 words
Summary: about Ariadne worming her way in Cobb’s life and how Mlesna tea helps her to stay there.


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Tell me i'm here, chapter 4

Tell me I’m here.

By Dr. Harley

Rating: PG to NC-17 in later chapters

Pairing: Holmes/Watson, Watson/Mary

Summary: Holmes has a developing case of dementia praecox and he’s unable to deal with it on his own, but will just-married Watson be there for him, having settles down with his new life?

Warnings: Slash, sexual content, emotional torture

Disclaimer: *lazy to think of a witty disclaimer, so just* not my characters

So here’s finally the fourth chapter! I must admit I wrote it and rewrote it for the shitload of times and I still don’t like it… however I decided to post it just before I leave the country XD
Anyway, it’s not very long, but I tried my best, seeing as I’ve also been suffering the writer’s block (again)… so, here we ago!
Oh and also, this chapter is rated R – for safe, cause I suck at defining the actual rating…

Chapter 1


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Title: White
Pairing: Holmes/Watson, slash
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: slash, major character death, extreme sadness
Summary: a story of one true love
A/N: Please, forgive me all the sadness and angst but as it turned out, I’m physically incapable of writing a normal NOT emotional-tortured story. Sorry. Now this one – it just had to be written, since I was haunted by it for days. Now I can go back to my other story without any remorse ;D
Now, please, enjoy and don’t forget to review – I need them in order to survive (and also to know if the all the efforts were worth it)



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I'm not there

Title: I’m not there
Word count:
2750 (oneshot)
Holmes/Watson, slash
don’t own anything
Something really sad I wanted to write all of a sudden, so bear with me if it has too much angst in there (though I tried my best not to put it there at all). Was supposed to be chaptered story, but knowing me, I won’t be able to stop it ever.
Warnings: slash, extreme sadness


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